PureMicro Microdose Caps – Uplifting

PureMicro Microdose Caps – Uplifting


To free your mind.

30 capsules/ 100mg per capsule.

Use this higher microdose to enhance happy thoughts and good feelings. Most adults will not have a hallucinogenic experience at this dose but try this in a safe environment the first time to determine your personal tolerance and impacts. Always consult with your health care provider if you have pre-existing medical conditions or concerns.

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  • Ingesting more than 50mg of psilocybin mushrooms may cause short term mental and physical effects. Research these effects before use


Take as directed by your health care advisor or take 1 capsule for 4 days consecutively, then take 3 days off. Repeat. Best taken with food. Full effects can take up to 90 minutes.


  • Psilocybe cubensis (organic 100mg)

  • Vegetarian capsules made witah plant cellulose (no preservatives, additives, or GMO) Kosher and Halal


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