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Premium double dose gummies created with fresh and natural ingredients. Produced in Beautiful British Columbia. This product is vegan!
13.4mg THC Per Gummy | 15 Gummies Per Box | 200mg THC per Box

*This product is liable to melt in hot environments. We are not responsible for any melting to the product during transport.

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Mixed Fruit ¿Gummies? | 200mg THC
*Now with a new and improved recipe!*
These premium double dose mixed fruit THC gummies are handcrafted on the coast of Beautiful British Columbia. These THC gummies are a perfect combination of sweet and sour, finishing with juicy flavours of fresh mixed fruits, that is clean and refreshing on your palate. THC gummies are made from scratch using Delta 9 THC and are not melted down like many other similar products. These delectable medicated gummies will brighten your day or night leaving your body and mindset in balance.

Best Use
THC Gummies are an excellent double dose option with a consistent dosage you can put your trust in, perfect for precise regulation of your consumption. These gummies are great for relief on the go and will fit discreetly into your pocket or purse. THC gummies are great for levelling out on the weekend, enjoying your favourite leisure activity or can be enjoyed by dream explorers seeking a revitalizing day of napping. THC gummies promote relaxation and are also an effective source of relief from chronic pain, neuropathic pain, general inflammatory and insomnia. These THC gummies are great for sharing with friends but don’t worry, you can absolutely keep all these juicy treats for yourself!

With the delicious flavour of fruity candies, these gummies remind users of summer days spent having fun. The fruit flavour overwhelms the cannabis flavour entirely. Easy for on-the-go consumption and carefully dosed, these gummies are a safe and controlled way to consume THC. Please always keep edibles and other cannabis products away and out of reach of animals and children, do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consumption and please do not consume if pregnant.

These double dose gummies are great for users looking to go big! If your planning to enjoy a heavier dose make sure you get your daily to-do list out of the way first, as these gummies are known to induce laughing attacks and a serious case of the munchies. Whether you enjoy one, or a dozen, these gummies will always deliver a consistent and delicious edible experience that you are certain to remember. Always take edibles with food and allow two hours for the full effect. As always with edibles, we suggest users start low and take it slow. As with any edibles, if users ever feel they’ve gone too far, they should try to relax. The effects of the THC will subside in a few hours and a dose of CBD can even help take the edge off.

441 reviews for ¿GUMMIES? | MIXED FRUIT ¿GUMMIES? | 200MG THC

  1. sflynn17

    Nice variety of flavours that pack a decent punch, would order again

  2. Lshew14

    Awesome product will be reordering great taste

  3. LochNessEddie

    Really cute gummies! Great variety of taste and you can figure out the dose that works best for you.

  4. rickynator

    GREAT taste! The sizing of these candies is perfect to microcose noir edibles out still pack some punch. This is on my “I’m going to buy it back” list

  5. BeardedRanger

    4 stars for taste alone
    Ordered 2 boxes, and one only had 14 gummies, not a big deal. Easy dosing, but hard not to eat them all at once they were that good. Found 4-6 did the job very well for me. Easily one of the best edibles I’ve had the privilege to try.

  6. elleoh1234

    Super tasty little devils. Love the dosing and effect, would typically take 2 or 3 for a good evening or day high.

  7. dukeofdukington

    Eat them daily! Taste great and the high is wonderful. Would definitely buy again.

  8. thigginson24

    Great for on the go. Good tasting gummy’s. Not the strongest buzz but great for micro dosing

  9. Caylee88

    Was sent two of these gummies as a sample with my order. They’re delicious and one gummy was a nice little buzz that still allowed me to smoke as well without going over board. Ordered some of these today because of the sample 🙂

  10. einwindir

    Great taste. It’s great that you get 15 per pack. Will be getting again

  11. cindy1000

    Definitely would buy again.

  12. MammaT

    Great taste with the perfect amount Kick. My new favourite treat. A must have for every purse

  13. Debbieel

    These little gummies are so tasty and a couple is all I need, I’ll definitely order again!

  14. KellyMacD

    These taste so good! And gives a great kick!

  15. smp905

    Taste great and amazing couch melting high.

  16. mollyandme

    its nice that you can eat one at a time as you get high and higher!!!

  17. Waters

    These are a tasty gummy. Three is a nice relaxing buzz.

  18. fmarlize

    I have had chronic migraine for over 25 years and had tried all kind of pain killers and preventive medicine with little to nothing benefit. Also I tried a lot of alternative medicine as chiropractic, naturopath, homeopathy, etc, as well. One of these gummies (13.4mg THC) taken right after the pain starts works well, the pain does not increase, and the effect last for 6 hours!! The bad side is the buzz that makes me a little sleepy and too relaxed, no good if you have to drive or do something important. But I was very surprised to discover that THC gives me relief on my stubborn migraine. I will try next the Liquid Gold CBD as I don’t intend to have a buzz every time I need to get a migraine relief and see how it works. I am truly amazed about this sweet gummies!!

  19. Jdub

    Great flavour and buzz! Would order again!

  20. ott911

    good stuff

  21. pmcfee

    Bitter aftertaste and a slightly sour flavour make these a distant second to Sunshower Double strength gummies in my book.

  22. Ryles

    Love the taste; no harsh after taste either!

  23. Yharder85

    Tastes and works great

  24. AndrewGood2011

    great for micro-dosing for sleep or just a little buzz. has a bit of an after taste I wasn’t in love with.

  25. kushiebb

    Love carrying these little guys around with me in my purse for those extra long work days. Great subtle high and if you want to go higher, then by all means, have another!

  26. Jules4b

    Loved them

  27. DeeJay1997

    They tasted okay, not as tastey as the weaker ones. Didint really get me where like to be as far as the effect. Left a oily residue in my mouth.

  28. Beehappy

    These gummies have a nice sour taste to them. But I dont care for the after taste. I need to take at least 3 to feel the effects but i am also seasoned. These would probably be perfect for beginner. I personally would order again but at a higher dose.

  29. Rikey18

    These were so tasty. I was a fan of the original Blue container they had with the 6.7 mg. But these are a real kick. They are perfect for me because i am a pretty constant smoker and have a decent tolerance towards THC. Hit me amazingly. 10/10

  30. lcamps22

    These are awesome, I usually take one if I’m smoking as well, or 2 without and the high is great 🙂

  31. Bina

    Like them on the go.

  32. Penpal

    Perfect for that early morning walk just before breakfast.
    Soft and chewy don’t let the small size fool you

  33. InferiorCandy

    These cubes are the perfect little high. They hit you in the right spot. It is easy to get carried away due to the small size. I don’t suggest eating more than one at a time until you know your dosage.

  34. PinkSparkles

    These are great, even as a person with super high tolerance I still noticed a good, relaxing buzz from these. I am purchasing them again.

  35. wildm

    These gummies are my favourite. They were the first cannabis product i had ever tried (edible or otherwise) and i have continued to buy them. They provide a great buzz and i appreciate the control of knowing how many mg of THC i get per piece. Also they taste fantastic!

  36. marknefueld

    I have ordered these several times now and just keep going back! I have tried many other brands and types of gummies and these are by far my fav. They are tasty, pack a good amount of THC and the packaging is easy and convenient. Will be a long time customer for sure.

  37. JessicaGravel

    Sometimes they were good but others didnt really feel like there was any thc in it.

  38. Kayse1890

    Great for day and night. Best taste and texture gummies I’ve ever had. Could eat these like candy!

  39. rgrun60

    Wife likes these. Perfect dose for her. They seem to be consistent in strength. She likes the taste also. Will be ordering again for sure.

  40. JHeidiC

    Powerful little suckers. Great taste

  41. Nicolas Unglaube

    Perfect for on the go! nice smooth buzz with 4-5 gummies.

  42. dyoung435

    Tin is perfect for on the go and decent pop per piece.

  43. mike1990

    delicious, juicy gummies. Great, long lasting high took effect more quickly than I’m used to with edibles

  44. Titleist87

    After receiving a few of these as samples, I went out on a limb to order a batch and they did not disappoint.
    Tasty, and not over dose. Will order again!

  45. LindseySue

    Ordered these after receiving 2 as a bonus (thanks!!). I like that one candy is enough for a little buzz. The tin is very convenient and looks neato.

  46. felixdu

    Tasty Flavour, eat like regular gummy, have the long last high feeling

  47. WeedWoman

    These are the best tasting gummies I have ever tried. Somewhat sour but mostly sweet with hardly any aftertaste. The high is potent and had an uplifting effect. These are now my go to edibles.

  48. Bobbie1673

    Tastes great and gives a relaxing feeling.

  49. Beccaboo0123

    I’m not too familiar with edibles.. noticed a slight buzz, no burnout. Enjoyed the taste

  50. Marshall Melvin

    Takes sometime to kick in but when it starts WoW!!!! Nice. Great way to try something new.

  51. solebruvs

    Nice & Sweet! Always know your dosage and you’ll be good to go!

  52. Aliciamcc

    These are the best tasting gummy edible ive had.

  53. spaghetti

    Came in a nice little tin, good for micro dosing

  54. ClassicalReef

    took 3, 30mins i started to feel relaxed, i would love to stock up on these!

  55. Hintonite

    Great flavor and perfect potency! The low dose ones are just not enough but these are perfect!

  56. Jaynoury

    They are my favorites. Ordered Many times.

    Tastefull and effective,

  57. SamBeljaars

    always start with one if you don’t know your tolerance

  58. Krossydawnn

    Yummy……will re buy

  59. Fairweatherjohnson99

    Tasty little pieces of heaven. Great for kicking back and relaxing without being ko’d

  60. Woulfman74

    Excellent in size & tast

  61. Assassin

    Bought the 100mg and 200mg, not a fan of sugar as I’ve said before, but hell ya I’ll be ordering these again. These are one of my two favourite treats.

    A little treat that packs a nice punch

  62. Daniel1150

    Good taste, 4-5 will give off a decent chill high

  63. borg.jenn

    Very tasty and perfect to keep on you for social events! Highly recommend there little puppies to keep your high going all night

  64. TJLAHA1

    Love these gummies!

  65. Holmes82

    A tasty gummy in a variety of pleasant flavors. Decent buzz. I find them a little weaker than a comparable dose of Twisted Extracts gummies, but still good.

  66. Egghedshelly

    I’m so surprised that I can’t taste the THC in these gummies. They give me like a functioning delightful high which means I can pop one of these in the morning before going to work.

  67. Mariya Haponenko

    I took 2 at once to feel a substantial body high which was great. With lots of deep thoughts and laughs, but once coming down I felt extremely sleepy and couldn’t stop passing out, even though it’s sativa. Maybe that’s how it works? No regrets though

  68. Conagel

    both these and the 100mg pack of these gummies are top notch.

  69. Jeremyisadore

    The taste of these gummies are great! The micro doses make it idea for beginners. If you are just starting off these are probably the best for you. I have a higher tolerance so I have to eat pretty much the whole pack to get as high as I want but I don’t mind cus they taste so good it’s hard not to eat them all

  70. BelleRiefer

    Love the 200 mg Mixed Fruit Gummies. Always an item in my cart. Too bad they sell out fast. Wish they were available in a larger dose, Stashclub?

  71. Kubacyp

    Repeat product user with great reuslts. Try for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

  72. Okate

    These are so good! Better than regular candies. No skunky smell or flavour. These really are awesome.


    Sweetly flavored but not overly sweet. I can easy pop a couple of these and sit down for a few game on the old Xbox and have a relaxed enjoyable time.

    Just ordered a new pack,
    Will be a regular small treat for me to have laying around…out of reach of children and pets of course

  74. Lozzy

    Needed to take a few to feel it, but they tasted yummy.

  75. RobertsonJack1

    Best gummies from the best brand. Super fun experience after using, throw on some cartoons or go sit on a patio and do some people watching. Highly recommended!!

  76. Babyberry

    taste great, nice and fruity. not much of a THC?? taste to them.
    really enjoy them

  77. 420gilly

    Love the taste and flavour variety

  78. Tyris

    Taste amazing, no nasty weed after taste. If I could buy all blue ones, they would be so dangerous!

  79. JohnGoodyear

    So easy to order and sent very quickly. Received in plain packaging without company name, very appreciated.

  80. Boisson92

    Not only do these gummies have a great flavor with no bad aftertaste, they leave you feeling calm and relaxed! Will be purchasing again !

  81. 402405

    These got me very stoned, which I loved. High lasted all day with little burnout. Would recommend for a cottage day for with friends

  82. CodeMan

    Really good flavour and bang for your buck!!
    Easy to predict and control your buzz,
    Can be discrete if need be! Will be ordering again!

  83. Zerg

    Nice taste, the high is nice and relax, for my part one and a half and I’m more than okay 🙂

  84. mk6rob

    These were delicious in flavour, could probably eat the whole box in one sitting (do not attempt LOL)
    For an advanced user, you have to take 3-5 gummies in order to feel anything. For a beginner, these work great. Half to one piece of a gummy will do the trick.

  85. Isabell

    Not very strong. But tastes great. Just like the real candy

  86. Nealoncook

    did these with friends at the cabin and nothing but a good time

  87. Obiwanatokie

    these things rock

  88. Karenjane

    These taste great and do the trick!

  89. TrentSteel

    I like these as I ” always” take more than 1 of the lesser strength. Might as well just up the strength. Good value too

  90. cvolek

    These taste awesome and have a great little punch to them. I would definitely buy again. I’d buy these without the THC just for munchies.

  91. Megamum

    I enjoy them and ya they are so good it’s hard not to eat more ????

  92. scotttigg

    Solid choice for anyone looking for a quick sugar fix and a solid relaxing buzz. Barely even a hint of skunky flavor like you find with alot of edibles. Loved em.

  93. Euler

    Make sure you get your munchies first ate 3 of these bad boys in a sitting and got my munch on. Great high from them.

  94. Cheech

    Two of these after supper and by the time it’s midnight you’ll get a night of solid sleep. Not bad on munchies, but they sneak up on you for relaxation.

  95. Fit4life

    These gummies taste way too good. Really hard to rationalize lol. Nice buzz, not too strong

  96. Katy

    Really good! Watermelon ones are better but this is the next best when it comes to flavor.

  97. vincentvd

    Nice packing and perfect to enjoy around a fire in camping eith friends

  98. Latone

    The flavour is excellent and hides conpletely the thc. I would eat the whole pack

  99. Moonwalk

    By no means am I experienced, more of a novice really but having tried several types of gummies these are the least potent. They do give an all over feeling of ‘calm’ but I wanted a little something more. Perhaps a few giggles?

  100. Sean_mb24

    So far, the purchasing process was as easy as 1, 2, 3… I’ve never purchased these before . As soon as I give them a try, I’ll let you all know! 5 stars so far!

  101. djb

    They work and taste good
    the problem is they taste really good just like regular gummies so it’s very easy to eat to many !

  102. Smelanie23

    They taste super good, and are great for a discreet high or a quick top of: movie theater, day at the beach, screaming at your children in the summer heat..

  103. Carnevalzz

    The best gummies

  104. soulreaper

    If you’re looking for something to make a good night great then I recommend popping 1 of these bad boys. Honestly could not tell from the taste or texture that these had marijuana in it. That was till they kicked in!

  105. Sean_mb24

    Tasty and potent, 2 and I was feeling good! ????

  106. Bellelurette

    J’ai adoré, délicieux, sans arrière goût, juste parfait comme dose, merci ????

  107. nicboulay

    1 (double dose don’t forget) gets you a light buzz, 2 gets you high perfectly

  108. benjboy2

    taste good, high is relax.

  109. pgfrankl

    these are the most economical and best high out there in gummies .. these things are f*&^!ing FIRE.

  110. bdowner

    Tasty edibles that make a nice impact.

  111. Artkm

    Really enjoy taking a couple of these before doing some VR.

  112. Dalzul

    My new Fav! 100% would recommend to a friend and HAVE. Highly recommended.

  113. 420bytes

    If you’d like to introduce someone to edibles, this would be a good start to medium level product.
    The high is there but not too strong and the taste is amazing. You cannot taste the weed at all.

  114. Taz198

    Got these two try just ordered more all you need is two for a nice mellow buzz. Taste is great

  115. Indaddy

    You let me down this time stash club

  116. Ash.13

    The taste of these are amazing! Can’t taste weed at all and super fruity tasting! However, I have to have a few of these to feel anything at all. Not the strongest but after a few they do the trick.

  117. Jah4

    repeat purchase! Best bang for your buck!

  118. gunslingersgurl

    The tastiest THC gummy I’ve tried and they give me the daytime kick I’m looking for! Recommend!

  119. Kaz71

    Great product

  120. Scubaguy999

    This have a great taste and a good kick I will be buying this again for sure.

  121. hoovtunes

    Great tasting and consistent dosage in every gummy.
    Single dose and double dose option makes it easy to hang out with some friends or hit the pillow for some z’s

  122. Itsmejr

    Love these they are a must lol

  123. Michel raymond

    Hate the whole box,hardly got a buzz

  124. Jackienickel

    These taste soooooooo good that you forget that they are thc gummies. One gets me a pretty good high but I was eating them one night and forget they had thc and got just gooned. Also it’s a great bang for your buck when u compared the amount of thc you get for the price

  125. Redvancity

    Love the taste of these and two of them are the perfect amount. Every colour tastes different and I can’t detect ANY traces of weed taste, not that I care if there was one

  126. BTurner

    Great taste and relaxing effect. Not too powerful but good!!

  127. Fun_sized

    Delicious…would purchase again

  128. borg.jenn

    Love these little guys! Always happy with the outcome

  129. Psygod350

    Bro, these were like the best gummies I’ve had.
    Not only they tasted really good, but they f*cked me up so bad, I loved it.

  130. Chasenoah

    These are great tasting gummies, with very little weed taste. They give off a mild buzz. Great for spending some time outdoors.

  131. Dacook78

    Get a good body buzz from these.good price

  132. ghickl221

    I love these, nice flavour soft texture. I like at least 4 per serving

  133. Kderoy7

    Great edible. They taste good and it’s a clean buzz.

  134. Killkam83

    Great stuff

  135. Mags30

    Loved this because I love candy

  136. ThorsHammer

    Love the flavours, love the medicinal benefits and love the packaging. A goto favourite

  137. dani1996

    Good. I like the little tin and they don’t melt easily in the heat

  138. Luce

    Great high decent buzz for the price great to enjoy with somes friends !

  139. rphorses

    I have tried many gummies, but these are the best tasting. They have good consistency. I totally recommend them! Only wish -that they came in a choice between Sativa and Indica.

  140. Winstonsook


  141. Greenwood

    Great tasting. The strength of these are awesome. 2 gummies is all you need

  142. Huber

    Love it

  143. Mik Relhok

    I reccomend these but be careful of the dosage, hard and fast high lasting 3-5 hrs

  144. ablanks

    Solid flavour, only mild thc/weed taste. Powerful gummies that really did the trick. Not my favourite high compared to some other gummies, but still recommended!

  145. GJ_416

    Cool little package, decent concentration, and “yummy” mixed fruit flavours.

  146. joradz

    I just love them. Great taste and really nice high 🙂

  147. mdobler

    Be warned that these gummies are very unpredictable. I don’t believe that the dosage is distributed equally per piece because I’ve recently had one that felt easily 3-4X the strength of other pieces from the same tin. Overall these are good but definitely not for an inexperienced user.

  148. Lindsay Cliche

    I pop one of these before bed and sleep solid and that almost never happens. Love the flavours and the fact that you don’t taste the cannabis much in the blend. Will buy again…

  149. Rachel.Dudey

    Bought these for my brother as a gift and he loves them. Great flavour and good high.

  150. Funnell

    I really enjoyed these , nice taste, small and they are very relaxing.

  151. blackwolfca

    They taste great! Fun for a gentle day buzz, while still getting stuff done.

  152. Superbud

    I had consistency problems with each gummy. Some would be strong some wouldn’t have any effect. It tasted great and when I did get high I enjoyed it. However, I didn’t have consistency problems with other gummies on this website so be warned!

  153. TaraAj

    Really liked the dosage of this, was easy to feel the effects and space it out. Really good during the day and the flavour was awesome.

  154. Badback

    In my first order, Stash Club added a sample pack (2 gummies). The mixed fruit are really tasty and you get a nice high from them.

  155. blidiosg

    Hardly hit me compared to other similarly dosed products. Packaging was still great though, super tiny and easy to store in your pocket for on the go use.

  156. Amireto

    Would recommend taking half for beginners

  157. Peer.da

    These have next to no weed taste and have a medium high. One of the best on the market

  158. PandaQc

    I tried couple of edible lower in thc .i had to take for to feel something. 2 of these give the good kick to start the day or just walking in the wood smoothly..i would like to order same but stronger per pieces if they make it

  159. Lomaxan7

    Great long lasting buzz!! Shipping was very fast!! Thanks stash club!!

  160. Onefrom606

    These taste amazing and for the price i have to say I’m very impressed.

  161. Rebel19

    Perfect Product for Daytime&Evening Use and Great Flavor…No Aftertastes!!….Excellent Delivery Time Also!!????

  162. nguyeb10

    These gummies are probably the best tasting ones I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, they taste so damn good I kept eating them when my munchies hit and I was pretty much gone for the rest of the day.

  163. PeregrinTook

    I get anxiety in social situations, so popping one of two of these takes the load off!
    Calms me down, and keeps my mood up!
    They taste delicious, with the faintest taste of weed-barely noticeable!
    I take one most of the time- does the trick, takes the load off!

  164. msilver

    Gave me a steady high throughout the day which was exactly what i wanted. Made me super talkative & giggly

  165. jendykens

    They don’t taste bad just wasn’t what I was expecting…. looking forward to trying my OG Brownie!!

  166. Chardwick80

    Great high

  167. Emilydawb

    Enjoyed these !!

  168. Eviluxie

    Yummy tasting with good buzz

  169. EhCee

    These are among my favourite edibles. Absolutely perfect high.

  170. Shappy

    2 of these were just the right amount

  171. CodyAG

    Great little product, the flavour was great.. Could barley taste anything that resembles a marijuana flavour. Strength wise they seemed to be the perfect balance as far as being able to gauge the dosage for myself anyway.

    Definitely will buy again.

  172. Carlie Miller

    Good for days when you don’t have time to smoke. Lifts your mood and takes the edge off life.

  173. Jim Wickens

    By far the best gummies I have tried so far. One gummy gives you an enjoyable buzz.

  174. roaddawg

    awesome gummies and a good price

  175. KazZa

    Perfect to have on hand for that discreet occasion. Tastes good.

  176. morvenite

    These gummies have great flavour and go way to quickly! Definitely would recommend them for a daytime high.

  177. Dwj

    Definitely worth trying.

  178. Sasha11

    very tasty, 2 of these had me laughing all day. they are awesome!!!!

  179. aklomax

    Just the right dose for a relaxing evening around the camp fire.

  180. Pucyelnats

    Enjoyed the flavor and got a terrific buzz off them. They were really enjoyed by myself and my wife. Will certainly be buying these again.

  181. Brenda19

    I will order more of these

  182. wurmy9000

    Great little treats! Took some with friends to a football game and, wow, never had so much fun at a game before!

  183. Nubberz

    Great tasting and great packaging

  184. jrube416

    Where were these gummies when I was young?!? I bought these to see what all the hype was about and man, I’m a believer. Great size, great taste, great case and most importantly great high!

  185. bcassone

    These are my second favorite gummies. They taste fantastic and give a relaxed high, which usually kicks in within an hour for me.

  186. Joshs6480

    There are awesome. Took one before a new movie in the theatre. Definitely would recommend!! Sorry to the people behind us because I’m sure I laughed the whole time. Tasty good to. Maybe start with 1…

  187. Mccoysc

    These are nicely dosed at 13.5 mg and 1-2 will be perfect for most users. Initial taste is awesome after taste is quite metallic tasting.

  188. Joedarose

    Gummies taste awesome and get a nice buzz.

  189. Brenda19

    love these… great for sleeping at night ..

  190. Sorenson_84

    Expected more for 13.4mg but I only had a few so maybe the other pieces have all the thc

  191. Fourtwenty

    Not bad bang for your buck. Still kinda weak for “double dose” but still fun to take one or two at work

  192. Miamoyaert42

    These are actually sour! Great taste, good high

  193. Brenda19

    You seriously cannot go wrong trying this product. love it

  194. Hypnoteyezing

    Big fan of these little guys! Really tasty, gives a good buzz and the tin is perfect for travelling! Would be nice if there was a cheaper “refill” option 😉

  195. Sk00ts

    Really like these gummies. I just need to take one of these and i am set for relaxation in front of the tv

  196. Dirk Postma

    Best gummies out there.

  197. DefrostedShrimp

    These gummies pack real good punch. Easy dosage, extremely tasty!! The fruit flavour is one of the best I’ve come across in any gummy; medicated or not!

  198. rbtglt

    Get a good buzz on 3. Great deal

  199. Trexraddi

    Great flavours, and they’re very strong at least for me. Super nice for lazy day or to numb any pains

  200. KDBingham

    These gummies are to die for. Higher level of thc than I’ve bought before. Nice body buzzz ????

  201. Jmax

    Helps with cramps , super tasty..take these over advil anyday

  202. Iroulac

    Tastes delicious, but one gummy isn’t enough to get lifted. Plan accordingly.

  203. amdeleon

    Hands down the best gummies on the market. Excellent flavours, minimal aftertaste.

  204. Grammyspencer

    A bit of a funky taste but did the trick

  205. Rykemp

    Love that they do single and double strength for this brand. Comes in a cool little discrete tin. Perfect for on the go.

  206. Natedoggydogg

    Hits hard without the smoke haha

  207. joradz

    These are the best gummies. I take 15 (YES) to feel it, but they do they work 🙂

  208. Fidji

    Since my tolerance to THC is high, I wasn’t sure at first if that was going to get me high enough! I have to say that for daily smokers, you’ll need several gummies to get a little high. I’d rather recommend it as a “sugar treat” throughout the day to just be chill and less stressed out! Still worth a 4/5 stars in my opinion! It is a nice sweet low key high as well as a good introduction to edibles!

  209. Dphillips

    Love the size and the taste!!

  210. CocoLovesLola

    These are my fav edibles by far. I love these gummies. They actually taste good and are the perfect dosage for me to take at night before bed for a good night of sleep.

  211. Vince04255

    I love the double dose format. I personally take two and it’s perfect for me. Had a cottage getaway last weekend with a couple boys and we had a great time.

  212. Drakko68

    This ones the trifecta! Good taste, great high, portable and easy dosing (no cutting or fussing)!

  213. ashleydyanne

    These are so good. It’s hard to have just one. I like that the container makes them super portable.

  214. K2151

    Good gummies nice mellow buzz

  215. Bluedarla

    These are absolutely the best for relaxing; helps with any pain or discomfort.

  216. ewwarren

    Great tasting and feel like a lot more that 13mg, would highly suggest.

  217. LaC88

    Taste is delicious.
    Great little body buzz.
    Super chill and very relaxing. I looked forward to these coming in. Everything I get never let’s me down.
    Great fast shipping excellent club to be apart of.

  218. paigeydenise00

    Tiny gummies but powerful! And they taste so good!

  219. paulleger

    Great taste, great background high. Still able to function and act like things are cool on the outside, but inside things are humming. Be aware that each gummy might be inconsistent with the THC levels.

  220. pmireault

    Love the packaging, great buzz

  221. RedMinnow

    Best in the market!

  222. Hypnoteyezing

    Love these guys ????????

  223. PadamseyM

    Small little bit size gummies are perfect for on the go. Takes at least 2 to get a decent high and can go through them quick

  224. Skurrt

    Already love the 100mg version of these guys, just bump it up to 200mg if you’re planning an intense weekend!

  225. KimRam

    These gummies pack a punch and they taste awesome!

  226. David Hughes

    The buzz is nice 🙂 and also the candy texture is very well done . if you haven’t
    Ever tried this its a must!!!

  227. Jkcrewe

    Tastes great, works really well.

  228. KKenway

    For me these things are a great long lasting dose. Don’t hit me too hard, mellows my mind, helps me focus on working. Colleagues think I like candy, but only one per day.

  229. Lgmc51

    Took these to a wedding and had a nice high without being too stoned.

  230. shellontheshore

    Tasted good, mild weed taste. Liked the different flavors.

  231. Itsmejr

    Awesome perfect dose

  232. Supfools

    I’ve tried quite a few gummies and these are the only ones that don’t taste like a greasy ashtray.

  233. kinoy

    Provides a nice buzz that hits you gradually and keeps the fun going. Very convenient.

  234. Jenz1984

    Nice mellow buzz. Great for aches and pains. Could be a bit stronger but I’ll just take 2!

  235. Deah Jones

    Beside brownies, milkshakes, and smoke’n that dope this is one of my favorite snacks! Mixed flavors, small but perfect.

  236. dkgraham

    As always, perfect product from Stash Club!! Stash up and smoke on!!

  237. Kathryn Desautels

    Got me and 2 of my friends super baked

  238. Cronus

    I throw these in with every order I make. They are small dose, and just take the edge off so you can carry on with your day.

  239. Noriega

    Very addictive in a good way.

  240. maplejake

    These guys are great for giving you the little extra kick.
    Usually edibles don’t effect me very much, but somehow these little guys got me giggly high.
    Had a great time!

  241. Z3R0

    Took Awhile For The Effects. Got Couch Locked!!

  242. Justina

    They were great. could have ate the whole thing. Will order again.

  243. BlackWidow343

    Loved the high and these taste so good. Definitely ordering again

  244. OptforSinge

    These taste awesome, are small and manageable, and work great! I do wish they were rounded up or down with regards to the amount of THC, like 10 or 15, but that’s not the end of the world!

  245. stardust

    Love these but I can eat the entire container in one sitting and not get that much of a buzz…but I love the flavour and variety..and microboost.

  246. elvenesse

    These taste exactly like any candy you would buy in a candy store. The worst thing about them is trying not to eat the whole container at once. So yummy!!

  247. Bezzy

    Flavor great effect even greater, boreal pot taste which is good for most users

  248. Manana81

    These taste so good, it’s hard not to eat them all. As for the buzz, they are quite mellow. Other gummies are better in strength

  249. Satchobobe

    Fast delivery and gummies are fresh and tasty! Product does the job!

  250. Kayleereid

    These were super tasty. I did feel like they took a little longer to kick in, but they gave a nice buzz when they did.

  251. spen4314

    Very good

  252. Wm81

    Perfect high and great taste!!
    I would order again
    Just wish there delivery was a little cheaper!

  253. andynic

    Really strong high and awesome to share with friends. Half is perfect if you have a low tolerance.

  254. Andrew2947

    No heavy cannabis smell or taste
    One is perfect for a quick relaxer.
    Taking 3-4 gives a full body feeling, great for a party.

  255. Ayin Solomon

    These taste pretty good, but I usually have to take 2 gummies to really feel anything. I like that there’s lots that come in the pack tho.

  256. MalloryP

    Wonderful product.

  257. ncrooks

    These have some pros and cons. I love that they come in a tin and are individually dosed and sugared which makes them easy to grab and share with others. I have had other brands of gummies on this site that you have to cut into a dose, and I personally feel they pack a bigger punch. These are still good you just may have to consider upping the dose.

  258. zacharyd3

    I picked these up before a hockey trip to bring with and the container is just the perfect size to toss in a bag or pocket to have with you when you’re out at the movies or something.

  259. bbreezerr

    First time trying, they’re so yummy!! Hard not to eat them all in one sitting haha, definitely will be picking up more!

  260. Mountainmama87

    Decent kick for dose! Not much aftertaste 🙂 gets you nicely stoned.

  261. BCBuyersClub

    Normally not a fan of edibles, but these really work for me, and they taste fantastic.

  262. Kaitlynn3976

    These taste great. No weed taste at all (not that I mind it, but for those that do). Really like the packaging as well, but they didn’t seem as strong as the package said. Would consider repurchasing for sure, but will try a few different kinds before giving them another go.

  263. rev_80m

    take a couple of these, for a care free day at camp ????

  264. JoeForts

    Love these gummies! Buy them regularly here.

  265. MangoBoi

    They were alright. Found I had to take nearly double the dose of twisted extract gummies for the same high

  266. machzrater

    These are ok

  267. Lynda Loiseau

    I’m not a smoker. I purchased these after a friend recommended I try them for my sleep issues. I have been using very low thc/higher CBD spray but it leaves such a terrible taste. these gummies are awesome!! they help me sleep and they taste good so I’m more likely to take them regularly

  268. Feltcha

    Great gummy to have on hand. Take a whole one ifya want a good solid high or bite in half if you just want to feel that natural happy warm feeling for the day. Totally social high for me will definitely keep around.

  269. SG_87

    These are a good quality product you can use in many situations. like the title reads, good bang for your buck and good quality high. Id recommend for those trying out online edible purchases for the first time.

  270. Connman

    Was ok i guess took 8 and didn’t get much feel but im nnew to the edibles.

  271. Tammykins


  272. J78

    Got a smaller dose as my free gift so had to try these. Taste good. Nice buzz but i ate the whole bag. Very uplifting:)

  273. Blue_Fish

    My first edible purchase was the ?Gummies? 100mg, and loved it so much I decided to try the 200mg next. At this point it’s safe to say I’m a fan of their products! Every gummy is a consistent dose, tastes fantastic and has a nice smooth buzz. Not to mention they come in a cool container. If im feeling like a bit more mellow of a buzz then I’ll cut them in half.

  274. Tracyrose

    Great taste , easy to eat and you can eat what ever about you want with ease

  275. lofasz

    great tasting and easy to take with you.

  276. Julie.crowe713

    I love these little sugary cubes of deliciousness! I find they have a bit of an aftertaste, but nothing too strong. I’d recommend.

  277. kaxx

    I guess my tolerance is higher than I thought, I didn’t feel anything from taking 2. They do taste good.

  278. aclarkson

    Couldn’t stop eating them… ahhah.

  279. bakingpanda

    My friend loved it!

  280. Stefan Cherneski

    Taste and everything… 100, but for strength vs the price we pay, I don’t see myself ordering this again. Had little to no effect. Most was the anticipation for something to kick in….. had 100 mg edibles hit harder, and since these come in a couple dose ranges, I think someone got the labels wrong.

  281. CitizenShane416

    Stronger than the other gummies i ordered… Amazing

  282. Wwachon

    These gummies are great for a more experienced user, who wants higher dose edibles. They seem to be relatively evenly dosed and are tasty.

  283. Dan Iodice

    Great taste and value, takes around 20-30 minutes for the buzz to hit and lasts for 2 hours more or less

  284. Smokedoggy187

    Got to eat a couple to get a good buzz. Cool container to pack around with you

  285. SimonQuest

    These are super tasty, all the flavours are really good.

  286. charmaineg

    Great taste, excellent results.

  287. BrentWild

    Had one of these last night along with one of the ones as a free gift. Both the same gummies that totalled 20mg. Took about an hour to kick in. I was stoned for a good 4 hours. WOW!! Will not hesitate to buy these again. Great product at a great price. I am a novice.

  288. robandlb

    These are amazing. I find that they don’t have that chemical aftertaste that I found in Kootenay Labs. They work in about an hour and last at least 4 to 5 hours. Love them.

  289. Gussguss

    This is my go to especially when Bringing my family in on the fun. It’s. A good buzz and surprisingly makes everybody talkative and cheery- always recommend even to new tasters !

  290. Soundsfast

    Nice treat for a night in

  291. Misstoke

    Super tasty too!

  292. Ryan1979

    Really digging this brand. These are very good gummies flavor and potency and a cool tin to hold them as well.

  293. michael hudson

    not bad for a couple hours then tv time. cherrybombs, we love cherrybombs they have class fuck with them they will kick your ass all you other GIMMIES think your cool think again cause CHERRYBOMBS RULE !

  294. brendon9431

    Ordering these again! Perfect for someone that doesn’t want to be dropped but enjoy a productive time or chilling out watching a movie

  295. jbrown0661

    Loved the taste of these can eat them all or just a couple. Love the case it comes in as well

  296. Chasethaface

    very good effect

  297. kukawalkajuu

    The little tin makes it very easy to carry in a purse or bag. You can bite it in half if you need a lesser dose, but they’re pretty small (think jolly ranchers sour gummy cubes). Leaves a bitter aftertaste.

  298. cocorico

    Need a couple gummies for a buzz.
    Taste not that good.
    Will not buy again

  299. amdeleon

    Everything about these is awesome. Dosage, flavour, variety, low green taste, they’re my go-to favourite.

  300. Dustin Gilbertson

    Best flavors I’ve ever tried for candies

  301. meghannn

    Convinced my 80-year old mother in law to try these! She said they made her mouth feel weird but she sure giggled a lot.

  302. Lubin

    This gummy is just pure magic! Amazing taste and the perfect high. New to weed to edibles. Good value price for THC content. Ordering again ASAP

  303. Katlyn

    These are one of the best gummies I’ve tried. Great flavors!! Will definitely be buying these again.
    Oh and the tin is very convenient for traveling with.

  304. Clutch88

    Nice little buzz from a great tasting gummy. I was comfortable going about my day as per usual but with a little more hop.

  305. north132

    My fav!

  306. Nissan_crazy

    Good but nothing special.Find they have inconsistent effects tbh

  307. ERW

    I had a great experience with these gummies, however my only complaint would be that it can get stuck in your gums when chewing. While this is a small nuisance, i would still highly recommend it anyone who wants to give it a shot. I usually take 2 gummies to be lazy and potato, but one will do a good job to feel the nice body high!

  308. Doodyparker

    Love the taste. Love the buzz. Come in a perfect little tin case. I don’t leave the house without a case in my pocket ????????

  309. duckynemo

    Pretty good tasting gummies, but I find them to be weak for 13.5mg a piece. Maybe it’s just me, but they feel more like a 5mg gummy to me.

  310. Kolt C

    Good high, but like all candies. Each candy is dosed differently sometimes.
    But this one is better then most.

  311. LilBayer709

    Good tasting candy, excellent highs. Buy it!

  312. Chelish

    One of these is enough to give me a fantastic buzz for a couple hours, and they taste amazing!

  313. Bugzy

    Great taste awesome buzz after a couple

  314. chelseanna

    One will do a lot, more will do a ton. They taste wonderful and give you a strong effect really quickly. I love the casing it comes in! I’ve reused them for homemade lip scrubs and my boyfriend made a guitar pedal with one lmao

  315. Clare37

    Great tasting with a variety of flavours. Worth the purchase.

  316. Sir_G

    Very tasty. Comes in small doses so it’s easy to regulate how much you take at once.

  317. anobear

    great treat to share with other, or all for yourself. definitely recommend trying these little suckers out!

  318. Lisasevenheads

    This is the prefect amount for me. I dont feel too high with these. Great for a night at home or with friends.

  319. Cashew

    Very tasty. Comes in a reusable tin 🙂

  320. Mike Naples

    Decent flavours. I find I like to eat 4 of them over an hour or so. I also use them to top off my evening. After a few dabs have a couple candies and next ting you know Netflix is a marathon session.

  321. DeadDog

    Taste great

  322. Alicia1707

    I love these for after playing my sports that end late at night. Usually I’m wide awake for hours after, these are perfect for relaxing the body and helps getting me to get to sleep quicker!

  323. Dryekaiser

    Taste just like candy and gives a good buzz.

  324. St.B

    These actually taste great and pack a nice little punch

  325. swallowtail

    I really like these gummies. It is great that they come in a nice little tin that is easy to discretely carry in your purse. I like that they are 13.4 mg of THC rather than the 10 mg, which make it the perfect amount for me, to give a nice happy glow – great for watching a concert! Would definitely, recommend.

  326. Sparkee

    I thought I would try these…. meh

  327. murstang

    This was a more chill high than the other one. Perfect after a stressful day when you want to relax. For me, everything felt sarcastically amusing rather than uproariously funny.

  328. Morganseward

    These are perfect little candies to have in your purse for rough days haha! They taste better refrigerated and they do have a little weird after taste that sticks to your teeth but I don’t notice it any more. Get these!! Great value!

  329. Jonathan Kirouac

    I like that it’s just a little more than 10 mg of thc, good amount for a buzz for me.

  330. Tu-Stoned

    Have good taste and definitely can do you good if you dont have too high of a tolerance.

  331. faizansosman

    Easy to carry, love these!

  332. Sanpuwa

    Would buy again. Works great and tastes great.

  333. Jesseliz

    Love these!! They have the perfect amount to get things done while having a good time. They also taste great.

  334. Bunker_bunny

    These are my favorite of the ?gummies? They are stronger than the others. Great for choosing your dose; have 1 or 3 depending on your preferences. I love the variety of flavors.

  335. kappatin

    When i bought these i forgot about the double dose, i eat the same amount as i would with the 6.7thc ones and i went on a space voyage.

  336. Plott

    These are great for gifts. Self contained little boxes of happiness and joy for the holiday season.

  337. Jonny_dank

    With the sale on, value is spot on.

  338. derrick_60

    Great taste! Had a really good high! Ive bought them a couple times already and I will keep coming back to buy more!

  339. LDCGCC

    Amazing Gummies for that perfect buzz, enough said.

  340. karmen9891

    This is my first time trying this gummies and really surprise me how the flavor is really strong.

  341. Zaude

    Strong THC taste, but still a good flavor and a nice buzz!

  342. ElisaWS

    Of all the gummies I’ve tried, these are the most effective and have the best flavour.
    Keep them away from the heat though (even a sunny window) because they get soft and stick together.

  343. Marylynn Leggatt

    Very tasty

  344. zohar

    I get about a 2 hour buzz from this but I’m thinking of trying 2 at a time next time since I like it stronger at times.
    Not too strong, just a decent buzz.

  345. Dan The Man

    A great taste and was on sale

  346. WhiteRabbit

    if they were stronger they’d be perfect but still sooo good!!

  347. FELJ

    There are stronger gummies out there but these taste good and work!

  348. stantont

    These are not as potent as some other gummy edibles I have tried of the same THC content. However, they are good if you want to unwind a bit but still be productive.

  349. scottyfletcher

    These are genuinely delicious little candies and hit well. It’s a good dose per gummy for a fun and comfortable time where you can actually still do stuff.

  350. Tasha0500

    These had a good flavour but really helped me manage my chronic pain well. Added quality to my life again

  351. Vielll

    Awesome, best you can get and the package that it comes in is perfect…

  352. Evan Craig

    I bought a bunch of these as stocking stuffers for friends in family this past year but also decided to treat myself.

    Over all these are great!

    Good packaging
    Good Tasting
    Good size for dosing
    Quick hitting

    I highly recommended any of this to anyone who wants to try out an infused candy.

  353. bakedguy

    These taste great just as the lower dosage gummies. Taste a bit weedier lol, but still mostly sweet. 1 of these and my wife has some trouble waking up early the next day. The dosages are great because you can adjust very easily and monitor your intake. Great product 5*

  354. Gudgas01

    They don’t Tate like weed just taste like a normal sour candy and I am a big fan of sour candy so these were perfect and the double dose gives it the perfect strength.

  355. Gary Yeung

    Good tasting gummies, not sure if the colours are actually different flavours but still gets the job done. Makes for great gifts

  356. Kuntrylovinmomma

    Love the taste of these and that they’re a higher dose than the others. It’s the perfect amount to take the edge off during the day

  357. viCo

    Nice size , taste , and buzz.

  358. Browns2019

    Best tasting gummies I’ve had so far. I found the high to be mellow and sometimes not enough. I’ll give these a shot again sometime.

  359. Whodat

    Great tasting gummies. Take two of these and plan on some serious couch time. Will buy again.

  360. hotcigar

    Excellent dossing option. Good taste and variety.

  361. Garry Walker

    Decent tasting. For price to thc content they are really good. As far as intensity I’d say 7/10 if you eat the whole pack

  362. Tarallis

    They tasted pretty good no smell maybe a little weak

  363. mld

    Awesome taste and high

  364. orcastral

    Really like these gummies – perfect dosage

  365. ryanhelferty

    No weed taste. Awesome fruity flavor.

  366. Scef.mckenzie

    So tasty! Perfect for mixing with other edibles, and the container is so small you can carry it anywhere

  367. Ivteshwar

    took 1 gummie…didnt do much…took another one and then felt it…so if you are an everyday weed smoker….then you will need atleast 2 gummies to get the feel.

    Overall taste is great..nice to have them handy when you cannot smoke

  368. Shfire4

    I was buying these until I discovered the 6.7 mg one which I like better. You can take exactly what you want a little easier

  369. Xericity

    I prefer these than the regular ones but still find inconsistency of high

  370. Penilla Wheeler

    Running a business has really stressed my husband out, lack of sleep is a big part he has suffered with, he tried 1 gummy and to his and my surprise he slept all night, he only takes them occasionally, and they work awesome for him.

  371. Lane Michael McCharles

    Good eating and strong dose

  372. Mellerz17

    I love these candies!! There’s no slinky taste to them. The body buzz is awesome. Perfect dose for me.

  373. JivePoultry

    These are awesome gummies. I take one piece to get a decent buzz or two if I want to melt into whatever environment I’m in. Flavour is great and I have nothing but praise for this product. 10/10

  374. Ahopman

    Comes in a cute little tin. We are bringing these travelling across Canada for a ski trip. They are small doses and easy to double up if you want a stronger high in the evening. We love these and so convenient you can just toss them in your pocket or bag.

  375. Jryantho

    A bit of a weedy taste, but for the amount of TCH they contain, that isn’t surprising. The flavours are good, with a little bit of a tartness to them – not sickeningly sweet, but not mouth-curlingly sour either. The cannabis itself was as expected given the advertised dose, so the printed THC content was likely accurate. Nice packaging – the tin is a nice way to keep them handy without being obvious, everything was vacuum packed twice, and the mailing box was discreet and just big enough to send my items without being wasteful.
    I am very impressed with StashClub so far, and will continue to shop here!

  376. LemmyKillmister

    Value taste and high are approved, I like that these come in smaller doses so I can just grab a handful of these bastards. Taste so good

  377. Dallas Hiebert

    Definitely don’t say, “I don’t know if its working”

  378. alpine_poky

    the THC was strong which is good but the flavor wasn’t very strong. over all it good and effective.

  379. Weed4meplz

    These gummies taste great, and provide an excellent high. The tin is very nice too.

    Would rate perfect if they were not as expensive.

  380. Remington

    Stronger gummy, start with one. Excellent taste

  381. Relaxingtoadz

    Wasn’t sure what to expect, started with one gummy shortly after dinner. Waited over 2 hours didn’t really feel much…little disappointed. Two days later took 2 gummies around 9 am. I guess around noon the effects hit me hard. Didn’t accomplish much during the day. Felt incredible, almost too much for me. Not sure dosage is consistent for each piece? Will try again with smaller dosage and see what happens. Will buy again. Love that stash club sends me free products from time to time. Fantastic company!

    • Mr.Doubtfire

      Thanks for the review and the feedback. Edible dosage is such a tricky topic as everyone is different. Not only that but so many factors can affect the results. Hydration levels, restfulness, empty/full stomach, your mood at the time – all can greatly steer your high in one direction or another. We highly suggest keeping a journal to track dosage and all of the variables just mentioned. This should really help you properly dose each time! Experimentation is the key.

  382. Winelovers

    Faut les laisser loin des enfants c’est tellement bon qu’on en mangerais plusieurs mais à 13mg faut faire attention

  383. Budski

    Great taste! 1 is perfect amount for functioning at home , 2 is enough to chill and play some games!

  384. redleafex

    These taste amazing and come in a super cool tin. The gummies are smaller than I expected but do the job. Make sure to get the double dose!

  385. colleenwilson

    Just right to take the edge off without being high

  386. Bensm2414

    The gummies give a relaxed high. Seemed like they could be a bit stronger, but the small tin they come in is perfect for on the go.

  387. wlucas23

    Perfect little bit sizes of fun when I want to actually get stoned and silly.

  388. Carde

    Didnt get a chance to eat them, had some sort of paper stuck to one, but the excellent customer service has helped me out, and hopefully ill order some more to try again.

  389. Ian.s.mcivor

    Pretty strong. If you really want to feel it you may need 2. Taste was considerably better than some edibles I have tried.

  390. caramcginn

    my bf and I love these! helps him sleep and helps me to chill out without the smell. the odd one tastes of weed more than the others but not a big deal

  391. nikkisixx

    Great buzz with 6 beer

  392. Sobieski1945

    Im a 320 lbs guy and these can knock me on my ass twice and a bit

  393. jackfishjessie

    These taste so could I could sit there and eat tins all day long!

  394. SIR1234567

    Great flavor and really potent

  395. Robert Danzel

    like the flavors. good for controlling dosage.

  396. Debbbbzzz

    Very nice good high

  397. Gabrulez

    The way these gummies are portionned makes them easy to carry around. They taste very good but the dosage isn’t strong enough for me. I would recommend to anyone that wants to experience edibles without having that strong taste of green. They are well divided wich makes micro dosing easy.

  398. Davulao

    Little cubes of warmth and love. Taste great. Love the 3 pack too!

  399. l.yee

    These are my favourite tasting gummies on the site. Need to eat quite a few to feel the effects however the dosage is easy to manage with so many pieces! Highly recommended for a low dose buzz!

  400. Ryder024

    Tastes great

  401. Dk1100

    Taste good and have a very nice high. Usually eat 3-4 and it does the job.

  402. Giggletech

    I like the container and small doses, great for not over dosing, 15 to 20 mg range is great for me. Not a regular or heavy user, weekends etc… it’s great.

  403. ataylor5116

    Taste great get a good buzz would absolutely recommend


    I normally get another brand of gummies but decided to try something new so I grabbed a couple tins of these. They are definitely worth it! The mixed flavours are great with very very little after taste. The double dose gives a nice buzz which isn’t body crippling but it’s nice enough for a lazy afternoon or evening and also helps with a great nights sleep!

  405. Khoffmann

    I really like this whole line of gummies. The flavours are great and the high is nice. These ones are the strongest, so new users probably should start with half. Overall, love.

  406. JN1982

    I really like these. Even just one gives me a decent high and two is pretty crazy. I find it to be a pretty fun high

  407. klane

    Perfect for on the go, alright high, tastes pretty good

  408. skczy

    Double dose is perfect for me! Tasty and a nice high.

  409. melaniekoeslag

    If you know the dosage you need, these offer a reliable strength with each dose.

  410. Amilia1

    The only thing I must say is I am not a fan of the after taste. Is this going to stop me from ordering more? Hell no! Perfect buzz.

  411. highway39

    I am grateful to have tried them. More to come no doubt.

  412. Asullivan

    These taste great. I need 2-3 to get a nice high but its a great one!

  413. ryandao

    Love these gummies, would purchase again.

  414. Dk1100

    Good flavour good high

  415. skczy

    These are perfect!!

  416. Fromthestars

    If you are moderate on consuming edibles this thing will work very well one or two depending on your consuming habits and you’ll be high for a couple hours

    I don’t know why but it tends to build up my resistance to pot very fast

  417. ccwatts22

    Very tasty little gummies. You feel like eating several but all I need is one to go into deep relaxation and then to sleep!

  418. Anette43

    I love these gummies and as usual the delivery service is the fastest I have ever had.

  419. Chris Emary

    Taste delicious and nice high off of them. Will be ordering more

  420. daysupro

    Some edibles have a strong tasty tinge afterwards. This one is barely noticeable! Delicious.

  421. Tiannly

    Very cute small tin and the gummys are great tasting

  422. EXtr0jan

    Definetly tasty on top of being potent

  423. Phoenix

    Good dosage. Helps to manage pain.

  424. crapjack

    Tasty treats

  425. Jaycromer

    Takes 2 to really feel it, but one is okay for a little relaxation. Tastes decent, nothing special, but not bad.

  426. Indigenouspigeons

    I love these guys! One will help you relax and sleep, and get you a little buzz. Two will give you a nice 4-5 hour high where you can still function. I like traveling with these so I can have them staying the night or having an evening out

  427. Nicole Napier

    They taste just like real candy. Cant taste the THC.

  428. Amunky

    I love the high from these. They taste delicious with a hint of green and are a fun time. Might be my favourite product.

  429. Dalhazelwood

    Order was sent same day. Got my order within 3 days. Live in Nova Scotia. All gummies were very tasty and worked well. Usually takes me 100 to 120 mgs and these did the trick. Will definitely be ordering from this company again. Also received a call from the company to see if I received my order and check on the quality very pleased

  430. Dalhazelwood

    Great company fast shipping and delicious gummies with a great high takes 9 of these for me which is on par with other edibles I’ve had my tolerance is around 100 to 150 mg

  431. Dommie

    Felt a good high for hours, has a little weed after taste but pretty fruity

  432. Jeffrywoodrow

    Not crazy strong but they taste good and make you feel nice.

  433. Weeddude01

    Taste is pretty good. Great for beginners at edibles

  434. potsmoker69

    very jucy

  435. rosscolad

    My go to for edibles. One is the perfect amount for me to mellow out.

  436. DSM13

    Even though I don’t enjoy sour candies these gummies were very enjoyable.

  437. KarenMcGrath

    Helps me sleep.

  438. ijodie

    These are good, great high. However, I find they leave a really weird after taste.

  439. Obiwanatokie

    these get the job done. i keep tins in the fridge to keep then fresh. great mix of flavours

  440. samcrawf92

    Flavours and textures are amazing. I will probably only purchasd when on sale.

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