Kootenay Gold Hash

Kootenay Gold Hash

Sativa Leaning Melty Bubble Hash
Made with ❤ in Nelson, BC

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Kootenay Gold Hash

Kootenay Gold Hash is the epitome of smoothness, potency, and high quality in the world of cannabis concentrates. Crafted from the finest Cherry Lion strain and grown in living soil. If you are unfamiliar, living soil is an organic and sustainable farming method that focuses on creating a healthy and thriving soil ecosystem to promote plant growth and enhance crop yields. This incredible hash hails from the infamous Slocan Valley in the Kootenay region, a mecca for high-end cannabis products. This hash is a true masterpiece for cannabis connoisseurs. With its impeccable texture, Kootenay Gold Hash delivers a smooth and silky smoking experience that is second to none. You'll enjoy an incredibly pleasant taste and aroma that will leave you wanting more. But don't let its smoothness fool you - this hash packs a serious punch.

What to Expect

Kootenay Gold Hash is known for its impressive potency, delivering a high that is both powerful and long-lasting. With THC levels hovering around the 50% plus mark, this hash is not for the faint of heart. This incredible hash will come roaring in a few seconds after your first exhale, instantly stimulating the mind and infusing you with a lifted sense of giddy energy. Whether you're looking for a relaxing evening at home or a social gathering with friends, Kootenay Gold Hash fits the bill.


As with most hash, the flavours of the strain do reduce slightly during the concentration process. However, you will certainly notice the fruity cherry flavour and a creamy vanilla on the exhale and an earthy aroma to match.

Additional information


1 gram, 3.5g (⅛ oz), 7g (¼ oz)


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