Blue Zkittlez Shatter | 1g

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Produced in BC, providing highs out of this world!
High Strength Sativa | 1g | Premium Shatter
*Liable to melt in warm environments, please refrigerate.*

Thin Mint Cookies Shatter | 1g

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Blue Zkittlez Shatter

Blue Zkittlez Shatter was made by crossing Zkittles with Blue Dream and Diamond OG. This shatter gave our testers the giggles, which reminded them of getting high in their youth! This Sativa is a wonderful mood enhancer and energy booster.


The dominant flavours are citrus and hops, with a bold piney finish.

Best Use

This Sativa shatter will help ease the stress and anxiety of everyday life. We also recommend this one as a pain reliever, but without the sedation of an Indica.


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