Zombie Kush Flower Special | Flower

Zombie Kush Flower Special | Flower

Zombie Kush

1oz or 28g

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An exotic genetic mix of Sideral and Bubba Kush, Zombie Kush won't reanimate the dead, but it sure will send users waddling to the refrigerator, eager to eat handfuls of shredded cheese straight out of the bag under the grim fluorescent light of its interior. A light which exists purely to highlight one's insatiable lust for both cheddar and mozzarella. A high yielding plant which flowers in eight to nine weeks, Zombie Kush is beautifully pale green with golden pistils and sparse lilac hues.

Best Use
Zombie Kush is expertly named, users can expect a joyous couchlock, leaving them catatonic and giggling—until the munchies set in.  Leaving users relaxed and sleepy while equally euphoric and happy, Zombie Kush is a powerful Indica and a delightful treat. Introspection is inevitable—the result of a focused mind whilst being too relaxed to move. A joyous stay-at-home kind of strain, Zombie Kush is great for a chill evening in—maybe a movie night or a chill night of conversation with some buddies. Medically, Zombie Kush offers users a deep, uninterrupted sleep. Zombie Kush is great for pain, depression, insomnia, stress and those with appetite loss (as mentioned above: cheese).

Zombie Kush is pretty pungent and has a lot of different aromas and flavours going on. Earthy, piney, sweet and fragrant with berry and gasoline notes, Zombie Kush is nose-quirking and mouthwatering. Kush notes and gentle citrus-sweetness will be registered by more sensitive or discerning palates. Enjoy Zombie Kush with a handful of cashews for a delightfully enhanced earthy flavour blend (and an enhanced high).

As this batch is a Special, it will have lower potency than a premium batch but you can still expect moderate potency. The effects of the strain will, of course, vary from user to user depending on tolerance.

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1 gram, 14 grams (1/2 oz), 28 grams (1 oz), 3.5 grams (1/8 oz), 7 grams (1/4 oz)


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