Slow Mo | Magic Mushroom Dark Chocolate with Coffee Bits Bar | 3.6g Psilocybe Cubensis

Slow Mo | Magic Mushroom Dark Chocolate with Coffee Bits Bar | 3.6g Psilocybe Cubensis

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Artisanal Psilocybe Cubensis-infused Belgian chocolate made to perfection
~0.15g Psilocybe Cubensis per piece | 3.6g net weight
*This product is liable to melt in hot environments. We are not responsible for any melting to the product during transport.

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Magic Mushroom Dark Chocolate with Coffee Bits Bar

This Dark Chocolate Bar is for the real chocolate lover. Intense Dark Chocolate flavours combined with the crunchy bits of broken arabica coffee beans make this bar perfect to start your day or to give you a little "pick me up" when your day is getting too long. This carefully curated dark chocolate blend brings out the best flavours of Latin America and Africa, by blending Arriba and Forastero beans to create a chocolate blend with an intense, bitter cocoa flavour, moderate acidity, and gorgeous floral aromas of red fruits.

This Bar is masterfully created by using the finest dark chocolate, organic arabica coffee beans and freshly grounded Trinity Mushrooms.

Note: Contains Soy lecithin, and could have traces of dairy.


Magic Mushroom Effects

The effects can vary greatly from person to person and with dosage. The majority of people will experience fits of giggles, an opening of the mind, an urge to explore and appreciate nature, and some visual hallucinations. Don't worry, it's not like in the movies where you see a pink elephant in the corner of the room. Expect to see some tracers, movement in clouds, trees and textures.

How Long do Magic Mushrooms Last?

Again, this can vary from person to person and the dosage consumed. We would suggest you set aside at least 4-8 hours until you are not feeling the effects. Probably best to leave a mushroom trip for a day off.

Microdosing Mushrooms

Microdosing mushrooms has become very popular with working professionals in silicon valley. The majority of people find a dramatic increase in the ability to stay focused for long periods of time, increasing efficiency and a decrease in mental fatigue.



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