Silver Haze Live Resin

Silver Haze Live Resin


Sativa Live Resin

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Super Silver Haze is a Sativa strain Live Resin that was made by crossing Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze which creates an energetic and long-lasting body high. This strain is perfect for a mid-day toke, relieving stress, or accomplishing those daunting chores.

Best Use for Silver Haze Live Resin

Our testers all agree that this is a perfect daytime strain. The energetic, uplifting high isn't too overwhelming, but strong enough to completely boost your mood. We found this strain is great for taking the edge off during stressful times, or when you're feeling down in the dumps. The energy boost is no joke, get your cleaning supplies ready and scrub your house with some uplifting tunes and smile while you clean!

Flavour of Silver Haze

The dominant flavour is a sweet citrusy tang with earthy undertones.


This is a medium-strength strain. Heavy users can enjoy a joint to themselves, while casual smokers may have to take a break after a few hits.

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1g, 3.5g


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