Purple God Full Spectrum Hash

Purple God Full Spectrum Hash

Full Spectrum Indica Hash

High Potency Extract

Made with ❤ in Nelson, BC

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PVRE Offers the Best Bubble Hash in Canada!

Nelson Farms produces the best bubble hash in Canada and this hash really lives up to their reputation. Purple God has been Nelson Farms' signature strain for years, we are beyond excited to be able to offer bubble hash of the same variety. This bubble hash is a delicious full-spectrum cannabis product that is perfect for relaxing, being social, and inducing creativity. Purple God cannabis is a classic Indica dominant strain that is ideal for evening and nighttime use. Purple God cannabis has been created by a rare combination of the potent God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk strains. All the parents of Purple God are known for being extremely potent and high strength; Purple God also provides an undeniably strong high. The effects are body heavy, making it the perfect strain to relax with!. Bubble Hash is a traditional extract and Nelson Farms uses their traditional hippy process to produce their Bubble Hash. Proudly Canadian, this product is curated in the Kootenay Hills at Nelson Farms.


Purple God cannabis is a fluffy bud that is spade-shaped. The size of the bud is usually medium to large and the colour is similar to the needles of a pine tree – deep green. Bright orange coloured hairs and amber-tinted trichomes cover the bud making it, not only a wonder to smoke but also a wonder to look at! This batch of Purple God cannabis is filled with very nice and tight buds that have a purple tinge in the hairs.

Best use
Purple God cannabis is an awesome option for an evening smoke; however, this strain is a hybrid which means that heavy users may opt to smoke it earlier in the day as the effects may be a bit more chill. Purple God cannabis will provide intense bodily effects and a medium strength mental high. Upon the first inhalation, users will be met with a strong and pleasant body buzzing sensation. A light tingling sensation will begin to roll throughout the body and spread all over. This tingling sensation will replace all aches and pains and the body will be left in a state of calm. This body high will leave users feeling light as a feather. After a few more inhalations the cerebral effects will be evident. Purple God will cause any mental anxieties and stressors to float far away. The mind will shift to a completely positive state and the brain will be extremely relaxed and sleep may be induced.

Purple God cannabis is an extremely relaxing and sometimes sedating strain; therefore, we recommend smoking Purple God Cannabis at home or in a comfortable place where chilling is an option. The best place to smoke Purple God cannabis is on a comfy couch, or a nice and big bed, to allow yourself to melt into the cushions as the amazing effects wash over your body. Purple God cannabis is the perfect option for those looking to alleviate stress, depression, muscle spasms, anxiety, insomnia, and all types of bodily aches and pains. Ensure to have some snacks on hand – Purple God marijuana is known for leaving smokers with some wild munchies!

Purple God cannabis is one of the most flavourful strains on the market! Upon the first inhalation, users will be met with a sweet flavour similar to that of a juicy red grape. The fruit flavour is mouth-watering as it provides a sweetness that tastes delicate and natural and is not too sugary or overpowering. Upon further inhalations, users will be greeted with undertone tastes of sweet berries and slight skunk and pine. Purple God cannabis smells like freshly washed grapes and raspberries- super delicious! We recommend pairing Purple God cannabis with pretty much any type of fruit. This pairing will complexify the already fruity flavour profile and elevate the taste to an even more amazing level! Our favourite thing to pair Purple God cannabis with is a slice of mango. Mango not only enhances the flavour it also strengthens the intensity of the high!

Purple God cannabis is a High Strength Indica dominant hybrid. Purple God cannabis is a great option for smokers at all levels; however, we recommend new smokers start slow.


Stop searching for the best online dispensary near me – just search for PVRE! We know many of you have scoured the internet for the best bubble hash in Canada, or, best online weed in Canada – but whatever brought you here, we are glad you finally found us!




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