Lime Sherbert | RSO Infused | 200mg THC | Sativa

Lime Sherbert | RSO Infused | 200mg THC | Sativa


Handcrafted in Vancouver BC

200mg Sativa | Infused with RSO

8 x 25mg doses per gummy

*This product is liable to melt in hot environments. We are not responsible for any melting to the product during transport.
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These full-spectrum gummies are fortified with RSO for a strong, strain-specific high. By infusing the gummies with RSO (Rick Simpson Oil aka cannabis oil), these gummies provide a much more consistent dose than gummies made using distillate. The taste is reminiscent of your favourite ice cream parlour, your mouth will be watering for these frozen dessert flavours. These gummy rings are easy to separate into 8 pieces, making them ideal for sharing!



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