Groovy Smoothie | Mixed Fruit Mushroom Gummy | 4g

Groovy Smoothie | Mixed Fruit Mushroom Gummy | 4g

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0.5g Psilocybe Cubensis per piece | 4g Total
*This product is liable to melt in hot environments. We are not responsible for any melting to the product during transport.

Mushroom Gummies in Canada

Looking for mushroom gummies in Canada? The 4g fruit flavoured gummy is perfect as one big dose or for splitting into eight 0.5g microdoses. Our testers all found that there was no upset stomach with this product, due in large part to the production method of properly infusing the psilocybin into the gummies.

Best Use

Recommended for users looking to have a good time with friends or by themselves. The immense euphoria and feelings of bliss with imaginative hallucinations and extreme laughter will surely be a memorable experience.


0.5-1.5 grams – moderate strength

2-4 grams – medium to full trip

Our bodies love rhythm so the recommended dose is to use every 4-6 weeks to help maintain quality mental and spiritual health. 

Length of trip

If taking a full dose, the effects should be felt within 20-45 mins. Sometimes a puff or two of cannabis can help kick in the effects of the psilocybin. Like most mushrooms, when taking a full dose of Penis Envy magic mushrooms strong effects can last 4-6 hours with the following days or weeks having a reduction in one’s depressive nature. 


How Long do Magic Mushrooms Last?

Again, this can vary from person to person and the dosage consumed. We would suggest you set aside at least 4-8 hours until you are not feeling the effects. Probably best to leave a mushroom trip for a day off.

Microdosing Mushrooms

Microdosing mushrooms has become very popular with working professionals in silicon valley. The majority of people find a dramatic increase in the ability to stay focused for long periods of time, increasing efficiency and a decrease in mental fatigue.

1 review for Groovy Smoothie | Mixed Fruit Mushroom Gummy | 4g

  1. CopdSucks

    These things are potent, i ate half (2gs of the 4gs) and it was VERY strong trip!

    Had a pretty intense, yet enjoyable journey. It lasted longer than expected as well, I was very impressed.

    If you are a first timer i suggest starting with 1g instead of 2.

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