Chemo | Flower Special 28G


Chemo | Flower Special 28G

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Chemo has an extremely high THC content, with an average of 29%. This places it firmly at the top of the THC scale. It is because of the strain’s high THC content that those who use Chemo experience such powerful and effective results.

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Chemo is one of those strains that has been around for decades, as its name suggests, it is very much a medicinal strain that was bred to serve a purpose, while still providing an enjoyable experience.  Chemo is a powerful indica strain with effects that are focused on the physical. Most noticeable is the full, deep-bodied relaxation that takes hold shortly after smoking your first puff. This relaxation is responsible for the strain’s popularity among those who are undergoing chemotherapy.  The effects of Chemo are not completely limited to the physical, with most people experiencing a sense of euphoria as part of the high. This in part, comes from the strain’s high THC content, as well as the fact that when all of the persistent aches and pains of our body are removed, we tend to feel much happier.


Best Use

Chemo also acts as an appetite enhancer, causing the ‘munchies’. It’s the perfect strain to help you enjoy a relaxed evening with a cheesy movie and a pile of junk food at the ready. The effects of Chemo are particularly fun with a few close friends, ordering a few pizzas and chilling out to your all-time favorite shows and movies.

While Chemo can be used at any time of day to help ease the negative effects of treatment, it is a strain that really comes into its own during the evening. Being an intense indica strain, Chemo leaves you feeling physically relaxed, ready to drift off into a deep and refreshing sleep.


Chemo buds have a strong earthy smell to them, almost leaving your hands feeling as though you decided to do the gardening with bare hands and have mud caught between the small dents on your palms. As you break Chemo buds apart, you start to notice a woody aroma come from within. In particular, a dense forest filled with pine trees.

As Chemo buds burn, the air is filled with a warm, woody scent, which reminds you of being a child standing around a bonfire on a cold autumn evening. As the memories flood back, you are filled with a peaceful and comforting smoke. You may have a desire to curl up on the sofa with a thick blanket and enjoy the effects of Chemo.


At first, Chemo feels as though it has a very basic taste, filling your mouth with a woody flavor that has no real spark to it other than the fact that it feels natural and healthy. As the smoke settles in your mouth, however, you start to notice that Chemo has a slightly sweet taste which helps the earthy flavors travel smoothly down to your lungs.

The aftertaste of Chemo is where the flavor profile really kicks it up a level, and it can feel quite shocking if you do not know what to expect. Your mouth is left feeling fresh, almost as though you have just finished a glass of tropical juice.

The combination of sweet citrus and pineapple is the last thing that you would expect from such an earthy, raw strain; but it makes for a pleasing treat to round off the experience.




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