Buddha Bears | Night Time Blend



80mg | Full Spectrum | Indica

16 pieces | 5mg per gummy


Night Time Gummies | Buddha Bears | Indica | Full Spectrum

These night time gummies are perfect for medicating at night, and/or, for sleep assistance. Because they are made using a Full Spectrum Indica blend, you will avoid the unwanted side effects that are common with Sativa gummies. At 5mg per piece, the dosage is perfect to feel the effects, while not being overly inebriated.

What to Expect

As with most Indica products, you can expect sleepiness, relaxation, and a reduction in anxiety, stress, and pain. Even though these are a relatively low-dose product, you will experience inebriation.

Best Uses

These gummies are ideal for those who need a little help falling asleep. These Buddha Bears are a wonderful alternative to alcohol for those days when you need to unwind after a hard day. If you are suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression, these gummies are perfect.


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