AAAA - High Grade

AAAA – Pinkman Goo

AAAA - High Grade

AAAA – Pinkman Goo

Produced in BC, providing highs out of this world!
High Strength Indica Dominant Hybrid

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Pinkman Goo, by Twompson Praeter, ain't your run-of-the-mill smoke. This strain packs a punch, delivering a rollercoaster of vibes that can leave you blissed out, razor-sharp focused, or ready to hit the hay hard. No sugar-coating here – it's a no-nonsense experience.

Let's talk about its roots – discovered in an Altoid container behind a stove, this strain's got a murky genetic background. But that's not the story. It's about those pink resinous drops that pop up during photosynthesis, boosting THC content by a solid 4%. This ain't your grandma's backyard stash.

Best Use 
Pinkman Goo is your go-to when life's got you down. Depression, fatigue, stress – it's the antidote to that daily grind. But, fair warning, it comes with its own baggage. You might feel a bit paranoid, mouth drier than the Sahara, and eyes begging for moisture. It's the price you pay for a ticket to the Pinkman Goo show.

Flavour and Aroma
Pinkman Goo's flavor profile is a bold expedition for the taste buds, blending earthy undertones with a pungent sweetness that lingers on the palate. The aroma, a robust symphony of skunky and citrus notes, announces its presence with authority. With each inhale, anticipate a rich, full-bodied experience that sets Pinkman Goo apart in a world of mundane strains.

High Potency. This cannabis high can hit quite hard initially and is for novice to experienced users. Dispensary.


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