AAAA - High Grade

AAAA – (LSO) Runtz Smalls – 28g

AAAA - High Grade

AAAA – (LSO) Runtz Smalls – 28g

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Premium Organic LSO Flower Grown on Vancouver Island

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Runtz cannabis stands as your premier choice for unwinding during a relaxed evening or nighttime escapade. Its effects promise a blissful experience characterized by profound relaxation. Upon inhalation, expect a gentle cerebral uplift that gradually melts away mental stress. This sensation then cascades throughout the body, culminating in a deeply tranquil state. Within moments of consumption, Runtz envelops the senses, ushering in waves of euphoria.

For those seeking relief from various medical conditions, including insomnia, appetite loss, PTSD, chronic pain, depression, bipolar disorder, stress, and anxiety, Runtz offers a versatile solution. Be prepared for heightened cravings, as Runtz often leaves users reaching for snacks of all varieties!

Flavor Profile of Runtz Cannabis

Runtz cannabis presents a distinctive flavor profile cherished by connoisseurs far and wide. Sweet candy notes mingle with hints of fruitiness, delivering a delightful sensory experience. Its unique taste makes it a perfect choice for indulging in dessert-like pleasures. For an extra flavor boost, consider pairing Runtz marijuana with complementary treats. Many users report an intensified high when combining it with flavorful snacks!

Potency of Runtz Cannabis

Runtz cannabis boasts impressive potency as an Indica-dominant hybrid, typically containing THC levels of up to 22%. As with any potent strain, we advise starting with a conservative dosage and adjusting as needed to accommodate individual tolerance levels.

History of Runtz Cannabis

Runtz cannabis has achieved legendary status within the cannabis community, captivating enthusiasts with its enigmatic origins and dedicated following. While its precise lineage remains shrouded in mystery, Runtz is believed to be a descendant of potent Indica and Sativa strains.

Emerging onto the scene in recent years, Runtz quickly gained traction, captivating users with its unique blend of effects and flavors. With its rising popularity, Runtz has become a sought-after strain among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

What is Living Soil Organic (LSO)?

Living Soil Organic (LSO) refers to a method of cultivating cannabis (and other crops) that emphasizes creating a living and dynamic ecosystem in the soil. This approach focuses on promoting soil health and biodiversity to enhance plant growth and quality. Here are some key aspects of Living Soil Organic cannabis cultivation:

  1. Living Soil: The foundation of this method is maintaining a living soil ecosystem. This involves using organic and natural inputs to create an environment where beneficial microorganisms, fungi, and bacteria thrive. The goal is to mimic the complex interactions found in natural ecosystems.
  2. No Synthetic Inputs: Living Soil Organic cultivation avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Instead, organic amendments like compost, cover crops, and natural inputs are used to nourish the soil and support microbial life.
  3. Compost Teas: Compost teas are often used in Living Soil Organic cultivation. These teas contain a rich mixture of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms derived from compost, promoting a healthy soil microbiome.
  4. Biodiversity: Maintaining a diverse range of plants and microorganisms in the soil is a key principle. Cover crops and companion plants can be integrated into the cultivation process to enhance biodiversity and provide additional benefits, such as pest control and nutrient cycling.
  5. Sustainability: Living Soil Organic methods are often considered more sustainable than conventional cultivation practices. They aim to minimize environmental impact by avoiding synthetic chemicals and promoting ecological balance in the soil.
  6. Natural Pest Management: The diverse ecosystem in Living Soil Organic systems can contribute to natural pest control. Beneficial insects and microorganisms help manage pests without the need for synthetic pesticides.
  7. Terroir Influence: The emphasis on soil health and natural inputs can contribute to a unique flavor profile in the harvested cannabis. This is sometimes referred to as the "terroir" influence, where the characteristics of the soil and environment contribute to the final product's taste and aroma.

Living Soil Organic cultivation aligns with the broader principles of organic farming, emphasizing sustainability, environmental stewardship, and producing high-quality, natural products. It has gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts who prioritize organic and environmentally friendly practices.


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