AAAA - High Grade

AAAA – Krazy Glue

AAAA - High Grade

AAAA – Krazy Glue

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Produced in BC, providing highs out of this world!
High Strength Indica Dominant Hybrid

Krazy Glue is like your buddy that's always got your back - a solid all-around experience that won't knock you out. Perfect for a chill hangout, it brings the good vibes without slowing you down and might even get your creative juices flowing. This mix of Original Glue and Super Silver Chemdawg Haze isn't playing by the rules – it throws together spice, pepper, pine, sweetness, and earth flavors in a wild mashup.

It's a punchy strain that won't leave you stressing, fitting the bill for pretty much everyone. And if you're into sniffing your stash before sparking up, Krazy Glue's got a mix of scents that'll keep you intrigued every time.

Best Use 
Krazy Glue proves itself to be a jack-of-all-trades strain, finding its sweet spot in various scenarios. It's your go-to companion for a laid-back hangout or a social gathering, delivering good vibes without putting you on the couch. This strain is your ticket to a relaxed state without sacrificing your productivity, making it an ideal choice for creative ventures or activities that demand a bit of focus.

Flavour and Aroma
Krazy Glue hits you with a bold mix of flavors – think spice, pepper, pine, sweetness, and earth. It's a taste rollercoaster. And when it comes to smell, this strain packs a diverse punch.

High Potency. This cannabis high can hit quite hard initially and is for novice to experienced users. Dispensary.


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