Pink Bubba

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This bud is grown expertly on Vancouver Island. Kush fans don’t miss this delicious west coast classic!

High Strength Indica Dominant Hybrid

THC Level 18% – 23%


Buy Pink Bubba in Canada

Buy Pink Bubba in Canada! This cannabis is a dank and earthy Indica which is a cross of Bubba KushPink Kush. Best grown indoors or outdoors in hotter climates, this strain flowers in 8-9 weeks and offers an average yield of bright green buds, interspersed with rusty orange hairs and coated in a layer of thick, milky, resinous trichomes. With a THC level of between 18-23%, Pink Bubba offers users a fairly potent high that will leave them feeling euphoric seated and creative—what a combination!

Best Use
Pink Bubba offers a creeping high that appears about ten or fifteen minutes after smoking. Expect to feel high in the forehead and temples—rosy cheeks may also follow. Psychedelic effects may come in the form of sound and visual distortion and time may seem to dilate. The hazy, psychedelic high lends itself to chilling and quality music. Later, Pink Bubba’s physical effects make themselves known, as users find a tingle spreads from top to toe, and knotted and tight muscles will melt into a deeply relaxing body stone. A choice strain for binge-watching a Netflix show or chatting with buddies, Pink Bubba is a laid-back strain. A good choice for stress, pain, insomnia, muscle spasms or appetite loss, Pink Bubba is best suited to nighttime use (and only when the refrigerator is filled).

Earthy, pungent and piney, Pink Bubba is a very indiscreet strain and probably isn’t the best choice for a sneaky smoke on a work break. With floral notes in the aroma, cracking the buds reveal the hashy, spicy, peppery treat within and speak to the Kush lineage. A thick, heavy smoke that stings the eyes and may cause some coughing, Pink Bubba can be a little intimidating to newer users.

Pink Bubba is a high-strength Indica Dominant hybrid; however, tolerance plays a huge factor in potency! Always start small and work your way up!

The original Punk Kush strains emerged in the late-seventies in North America which quickly gained notoriety amongst the inner circles of growers. Fast forward to the early 2000s, Pink Kush exploded in popularity as word of its strong effects ripped across the continent. Consumer demand increased and Canadian growers began to charge a premium.

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