Red Congolese

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Produced in BC, providing highs out of this world!
High Strength Sativa

A cross of an Afghani Landrace, Mexican Sativa, and Congolese, Red Congo cannabis is a fascinating Sativa that produces sticky, frosty, fluffy nugs. Light green and small in size, these nugs are overwhelmed with amber hairs and each bud is coated in frosty trichomes. A super high-quality bud trimmed to perfection, these perfect little nugs are just the ticket.

Best Use

Sativa to a fault, the high starts with pressure around the temples, then offers focus and relaxation to its smoker. With euphoria and upliftment, an overwhelming sense of relief will leave you without a care in the world. Producing some light munchies, Red Congo is great for a picnic, dinner party, barbeque; enough to whet your appetite without making you consume uncontrollably. Best suited to afternoon or early evening, it’s also well-suited to some Netflix, gaming, a movie, walking the dog, and a social visit with the homies.


Offering an earthy, fresh, citrus aroma upon the opening of the bag, once these buds are cracked their, piney sweetness trickles through. A truly fruity, sweet smoke, this cannabis delivers a smooth, steady smoke that leaves white ash in its wake. Do yourself a favour and grab a bag today.


Medium to High Strength Pure Sativa. 18-20%

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