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3 x THC Diamonds | Mix & Match



Bulk THC Diamonds Canada | Mix & Match Your Favourite Diamonds to SAVE!

Bulk Cannabis Diamonds Canada. Simply Mix and Match your favourite strains of Diamonds to save that earned money!

Select from the following strains:

MK Ultra

Gods Green Crack

Blue Cheese

Super Lemon Haze

Marshmallow Caviar

Sour Kush

Pink Kush


Cannabis Extracts and Concentrates

Whether you call them Cannabis Extracts or Concentrates, PVRE has a huge selection of various options to suit any person’s needs. With plenty of options across 12 different categories of extracts, there is more than enough to satiate any palate.

Feeling overwhelmed with all of the options? Please reach out to our knowledgeableĀ Customer ServiceĀ team who are more than capable of steering you in the right direction.


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